Apple TV+ Guide: Every Apple TV show and movie available now


Apple TV+ offers exclusive Apple original TV shows and movies in 4K HDR quality. You can watch across all of your screens and pick up where you left off on any device. Apple TV+ costs $4.99 per month. Here’s every Apple original television show and movie available now on Apple TV+, as well as the latest trailers …

Apple TV+ content is available exclusively through the Apple TV app. You can watch on your Apple TV set-top box, iPhone, or iPad as you might expect.

But you don’t need the latest Apple TV 4K to enjoy Apple TV+. The TV app is also available on other platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, and even the web at

Apple TV+ offers original comedies, dramas, thrillers, documentaries, and kids shows.

For your $4.99/month subscription (learn how to save money), you can watch all of Apple’s originals — as listed below. You can download to watch offline too. Apple is adding new content every single month.

How to watch the free Apple TV+ shows

Apple TV+

The TV app is the exclusive destination for Apple TV+, but the TV app is a little confusing because it blends together purchasable TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store, which you can buy or rent, the integration of content from other apps like Amazon Prime and Disney+, and Apple TV Channels.

The Watch Now screen does not really distinguish between content that you own and can watch, and just Apple’s general recommendations.

The easiest way to get started with Apple TV+ is to open the Apple TV app on your device, and tap on the Originals tab. (On some platforms, this tab is simply labelled using the ‘tv+’ logo.)

This tab takes you to the Apple TV+ channel page. This screen shows you all of the Apple TV+ shows and movies available to watch, separated into categories like comedy, drama and family fun.

Note that is very stripped down compared to the native TV app on devices, and it only shows Apple original content. Both the website and the Mac TV app lack key features like the ability to skip intro or automatic next episode suggestions when you finish an episode.

What to watch on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ (Apple TV Plus, or as some erroneously call it Apple+ TV) is still in its infancy but has already seen breakout hits including comedy Ted Lasso and workplace sci-fi drama Severance.

Apple aims for premium quality across its drama, comedy, and documentary TV shows and movies so everything should reach a reasonable level of quality and hopefully be worth your time. In terms of personal recommendations, I suggest starting with Ted Lasso, For All Mankind, Severance, Trying, and the movie Finch.

Read on to see all of the TV shows, movies and specials streaming now on Apple TV+ as well as trailers for upcoming releases.

All Apple TV+ TV shows and movies (updated June 17, 2023):

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Latest Trailers

New comedy series Loot premieres June 24 starring Maya Rudolph.

Starring Taron Egerton, Black Bird premieres July 8.

TV Shows


Home Apple TV Plus
Apple TV+

A series that takes you inside some of the world’s most innovative homes, and the people that made them. The optimistic docuseries explores incredible dwellings from places around the world.

Lovely Little Farm

Lovely Little Farm Apple TV Plus
Apple TV+

Sisters Jacky and Jill explore what it is like to work, and grow up, on a farm. Lovely Little Farm is a loving children’s series that beautifully blends live-action and computer animation.

For All Mankind

For All Mankind Apple TV Plus
Apple TV+

For All Mankind explores what could have happened if the Russians got to the Moon first in 1969. This inspires the US government to continue the space race. The show forges an alternate timeline of NASA with the first season covering the 1969-1974 period. Season two picks up in 1983, as the USA and USSR face off in a space race cold war.


Physical Apple TV Plus
Apple TV+

Rose Byrne stars as Sheila Rubin in this dramedy set in the ’80s. Stricken by a serious eating disorder, Sheila turns to the aerobics craze to find motivation and self-worth. Her hobby quickly develops into something more however, as student becomes teacher and she forges a new career.

Carpool Karaoke: The Series

Carpool Karaoke: The Series Apple TV Plus
Watch Season Five Trailer • Released May 27 • 58 episodes • TV-14

Based on the popular James Corden format, Carpool Karaoke: The Series expands on the premise with different celebrities taking the wheel for various comedic skits and classic karaoke sing-alongs.


Helpsters Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released November 1, 2019 • 3 seasons • TV-Y

An educational children’s live-action puppet series starring Cody and the Helpsters, from the makers of Sesame Street. The show teaches the fundamentals of problem solving and coding through the lens of activities like party planning, climbing a mountain, and magic tricks.

Prehistoric Planet

Prehistoric Planet Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released May 23 • 5 episodes • TV-PG

David Attenborough narrates this stunning dinosaur docuseries. From the creators of Planet Earth, Prehistoric Planet blends state-of-the-art visual effects with the latest scientific understanding to demonstrate dinosaur behavior like never before.

Now and Then

Now and Then Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released May 20 • 1 season

A cover up of a deadly car crash leaves a group of friends forever implicated. Twenty years on, their secret is threatened to be revealed. This Spanish and English language thriller contrasts the freedom of youth with the realities of adulthood.

Greatness Code

Greatness Code Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released July 10, 2020 • 2 seasons • TV-PG

A short-form documentary series covering some of the greatest stories in sports. The show features sporting legends including LeBron James, Tom Brady, Alex Morgan, Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky and more, as they discuss the critical moments that defined their careers.

The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released May 13 • 6 episodes

Religion, superstition and science wage war in a town on the coast of Essex. Following the mysterious disappearance of a young girl, Cora (played by Clare Danes) moves to the town to hunt for proof of the rumored serpent. Church rector Will Ransom (Tom Hiddleston) refuses to believe the myths.


Tehran Apple TV Plus
Watch Season Two Trailer • Released September 25, 2020 • 2 seasons • TV-MA

Apple TV+’s first non-English language show is ‘Tehran’. A Mossad agent goes undercover in Tehran, Iran, in this espionage thriller starring Niv Sultan and Shaun Toub. The series is created by Moshe Zonder, head writer of Fauda.

The Big Conn

  • The Big Conn Apple TV Plus
  • Watch Trailer • Official Podcast • Released May 6 • 4 episodes • TV-MA

From the makers of McMillion$, The Big Conn explores one of the largest government frauds in US history, with a value in the billions of dollars, all centering on one man: Eric C. Conn.

Shining Girls

Shining Girls Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released April 29 • 1 season

Elisabeth Moss leads this adaptation of the award-winning novel, Shining Girls. She plays journalist Kirby, who realizes that a modern day murder is somehow linked to her own personal childhood assault. Kirby’s reality continously shifts as she discovers just how interconnected she is with the killer.

Make or Break

Make or Break Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released April 29 • 1 season

Make or Break dives into the world of professional surfing, following some of the best surfers on the planet as they experience the highs and lows of competing in the World Surf League season.

Apple TV+ has confirmed that Make or Break is renewed and will return for a second season. We don’t yet know when season two will be released.

The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball

The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball Apple TV Plus
Released April 22 • 5 episodes • TV-14

Makur Maker accepted a position at Howard University in 2020, becoming the first top 100 NBA draft prospect to commit to a historically Black college. This five-part docuseries covers what is behind behind Maker’s groundbreaking decision.

They Call Me Magic

They Call Me Magic Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released April 22 • 4 episodes

With intimate access to Earvin Johnson, and his friends and family, They Call Me Magic charts Johnson’s incredible career as an NBA basketball legend as well as his business and philanthropic impacts later after he retired from the game. The four part docuseries also examines Johnson’s HIV diagnosis and the effect it had on changing how the disease was perceived in worldwide culture.


Roar Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released April 15 • 1 season

Roar is an eight-part anthology series of genre-bending feminist fables, based on a novel of short stories by Cecelia Ahern. Cast includes Nicole Kidman, Alison Brie, Cynthia Erivo, Meera Syal and more.

Pinecone & Pony

Pinecone & Pony Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released April 8 • 1 season • TV-Y

Based on the book by Kate Beaton, Pinecone & Pony is a beautiful family cartoon starring a young warrior, Pinecone, and her best friend, Pony. A world of magic and adventure awaits in this children’s comedy series.

Slow Horses

Slow Horses Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released April 1 • 1 season

Gary Oldman leads this adaptation of the Mick Herron book series, about a division of MI5 rejects. The Slough Horse group are consigned to a live of admin and drudgery, until they become embroiled in an active hostage situation.

Slow Horses has been renewed. A second season is coming later this year.


Pachinko Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released March 25 • 1 season • TV-MA

Told in three languages — Korean, Japanese and English — Pachinko is a sweeping epic with a story that spans four generations of a Korean immigrant family. The show flashes between timelines to follow the main character, Sunja, from a child and all the way through to elderly adulthood.

Pachinko is currently on its first season. A second season is in development.


WeCrashed Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Official Podcast • Released March 18 • 8 episodes

Jared Leto and Anna Hathaway star as Adam and Rebekah Neumann, in this limited series drama about the whirlwind rise and fall of WeWork. Based on insane real events, the series highlights the crazy and — often — unhinged decision-making at the top of the office space startup.


Stillwater Apple TV Plus
Watch Season Two Trailer • Released December 4, 2020 • 2 seasons • Y7

In this charming animated kids series, three kids gain new perspectives on the world thanks to their new best friend, Stillwater the panda.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released March 11 • 6 episodes

Samuel L. Jackson (as the titular Ptolemy Grey) leads this six-part series about a man suffering with dementia. A miracle treatment restores Grey’s memories … but only for a month. With renewed vigor, Grey can finally right some wrongs of his past that he had previously forgotten all about.

The Snoopy Show

The Snoopy Show Apple TV Plus
Watch Season Two Trailer • Released February 5, 2021 • 2 seasons • TV-G

A whole new set of adventures with Snoopy and friends for the whole family to enjoy, drawing on the spirit of the classic cartoons but rendered in a modern computer animated 2D style. The series will surely delight young viewers as well as parents with pangs of nostalgia.


Dear... Apple TV Plus
Watch Season Two Trailer • Released June 5, 2020 • 2 seasons • TV-MA

A documentary inspired by the Apple ad campaign ‘Dear’. The series finds people who have written letters to their heroes, expands on their stories and shows how everyone can be inspired. Famous faces featured include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey and Spike Lee.

Lincoln’s Dilemma

Lincoln's Dilemma Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released February 18 • 4 episodes • TV-PG

This four-part docuseries explores the details and nuance in the story of former President Abraham Lincoln’s journey to end slavery. Using archival footage and interviews with scholars, journalists and educators, the series lays out a more complete view of an America struggling to reconcile issues of economy and race.


Severance Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released February 18 • 1 season • TV-MA

Severance is a dystopian workplace thriller, in which employees at Lumon Industries undergo a procedure that separates their home and work memories. In the ultimate test of work-life balance, Mark Scout (played by Adam Scott) slowly confronts the secrets of the mysterious corporation that he works for.

Severance Season Two Release Date

The show has been renewed for a second season. An exact release date for the new season is not yet known.

Pretzel and the Puppies

Pretzel and the Puppies Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Read Related Book • Released February 11 • 1 season

Pretzel is the world’s longest dachshund. He has a supportive dad to five puppies, and husband to wife Greta. In this animated series, follow Pretzel and his family as they try to make the world a better place.


Suspicion Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released February 4 • 1 season

Four suspects are at the center of an investigation into the abduction of an American businesswoman’s son. Suspicion follows the FBI as they down track the suspects and hunt for clues as to the perpetrator. The focus of doubt shifts across the series, as more information comes to light about each person’s whereabouts and motivations.

The Afterparty

The Afterparty Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • Released January 28 • 1 season

The Afterparty retells the story of a night gone wrong from eight different perspectives, with each account presented through the lens of a different film genre. Tiffany Haddish plays the lead detective in this murder mystery whodunnit comedy series.


Servant Apple TV Plus
Watch Season Three Trailer • Released November 28, 2019 • 3 seasons • TV-MA

A psychological thriller produced by M. Night Shyamalan, told in 30-minute chunks. The family suffers the death of their baby at 13-weeks, and get a substitute baby doll as a kind of therapy. The grief-stricken mother becomes so attached to the doll she hires a mysterious nanny to care for it.

A fourth season of Servant is in development. A release date is not yet known.

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock Apple TV Plus
Watch Trailer • R

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